Clearwater River Casino Concerts – Where to Catch Clearwater River Casino Concerts

Clearwater River Casino concerts are a staple of the annual season for travelers to the region. The great news is that some of the concert venues have recently received upgrades and really should be very familiar with the quality of music that is offered.

One of the most enjoyable is the Coliseum Concert Hall. This venue features the very best in classical, jazz, pop, and rock music. It also has a wonderful atmosphere and is a great place to catch a concert.

Also worthy of mention is the Ondine Lounge which can host special events as well. For example, it was actually one of the main locations for Celine Dion’s live concert in Tampa. The atmosphere here is certainly going to be a lot of fun. The stage itself is even highlighted by the massive wall mural that depicts Dion and other Hollywood celebrities.

The Monte Carlo is another place that’s worth mentioning. You can find quite a few grand piano concert performances in this venue. However, the best part is always when you catch the evening shows and special events that are held there.

Speaking of casino concerts, you should also make sure to visit the Grand Basin. If you’re looking for a big event that is completely centered around a band, this venue is the place to go. It hosts several different events including jazz, rock, blues, Latin, and a number of others.

To name just a few, you can catch all of the concert performances at the Grand Basin at the Grand Canal Resort. However, if you’ve already seen the performances at the Ondine Lounge and the Coliseum Concert Hall, then you might find this one a little more difficult to get tickets for. The concert is usually held once a month and at a different time.

You can always find out when the next concert is taking place at the Grand Basin with the help of their website. From this, you’ll be able to see a list of dates in which each of the different concerts will take place. Most likely, you’ll want to book your tickets well in advance in order to avoid disappointment.

Of course, there are plenty of other places to catch a concert in Clearwater. The venues for such concerts are countless and include everything from the Opera House to the Hilton Beach and even the Grand Canal Resort and Spa. Take the time to check them all out.