A Clearwater River Casino Buffet

Have you heard of the Clearwater River Casino Buffet? If you have, it is time to take a look. If you have not heard of it yet, you will soon. I have not been to one myself, but am sure you will like it.

clearwater river casino buffet

The casino buffet is held in the upper floors of the casino. The game on this floor is table games and card games. There are many wonderful tables available at the casino and many different card rooms. There are often specials on some of the card rooms that change every week or so, making sure you always have some good deals.

I am sure you are going to love your casino buffet. There are lots of choices and the buffet is very comfortable for everyone at all times.

The casino buffet includes all the usual things: rich foods, hard liquors, wines, and beer. You get the usual delights like shrimp or oysters, lobster or scallops, baked potatoes or other home made potato dishes, roast beef or turkey, an assortment of salads, fruits, cheeses, and desserts.

As I mentioned earlier, the Clearwater River Casino Buffet is considered by many to be the best buffet in the area. When they say the best, they mean it. You will never again find a better buffet. There are several extra items to help you along the way including dessert for your guests as well.

The buffet can start out slow and take its sweet time to get going. You can go during the day and move your way up the casino as you find the space that suits you. Even if you are a no-show, you can re-schedule the buffet for another time. This helps you to plan ahead and in many cases save a lot of money.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and have a nice dinner with your family or your friends and let the Clearwater River Casino Buffet takes you by surprise.